for engineer recruitment and employee programming education

Programming Skills Evaluation Service

Test of Programming Skills for International Coders

TOPSIC is like a programmer version of TOEIC!

・TOPSIC is a service on the cloud that allows you to evaluate a wide range of engineers' programming skills from beginner to advanced online and in real time.
・TOPSIC can objectively measure the programming skill like TOEIC which is test of English communication.

What is TOPSIC?

Hiring screening and programming skill evaluation on the cloud service.

TOPSIC use case

Prevent mismatch of engineer's skill after adoption

Unable to evaluate perfectly only from resume, interview and apptitude test.

In order not to regret after spending a great deal of money

Implementation of programming test before adoption.
(Common practice in overseas companies.)

To make employees' programming skills improve

TOPSIC features

AtCoder Inc., famous for programming contest , creates the exam questions.

AtCoder Inc. is established by regular winners of world wide programming contest and they also hold programming contests themselves. Based on many years of know-how, they create the optimum exam questions for programming skill evaluation.

Userfriendly interface

Easy to use by both of examinee and company administrator

As well as "candidates" for the first time to take the exams, also the company "administrator" can intuitively operate.
In addition, the user can freely switch the screen design.

TOPSIC supports most programming language

Currently, support most programming languages.
※Coloring is IEEE SPECTRUM's popular programming language Top 20

TOPSIC configuration image

Prepare abundant exam questions suite for the candidate's skill level

About exam question level

TOPSIC exam question sample: Soccer league (Level 2)

The following procedure

WEB application (credit card settlement)


It is a contract form that is charged according to the number of uses.


It is a contract form charged according to the number of users.
The fee will not change no matter how many times you take the exam during the contract period.
And it is a very profitable plan.

【About settlement】

Annual basic fee is credit card settlement at initial contract.
Credit settlement will be made within 5 business days of the next month for the month that you used on that month at the end of the month.

The total of the annual basic fee and the selected annual fee is credit card settlement at initial contract.

<< Automatic extension contract >>
Annnual renewal will be automatically settled by credit card at contract renewal month.


Recommended Environment

Recommended browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
※Other browsers are deprecated.