PG BATTLE is an inter-company / inter-school programming contest.

Teams of three members from the same company or school will have 90 minutes to write and submit programs for four problems.

The PG BATTLE, now in 7th, is a hotly contested event with over 1,000 working professionals and students participating each year. This year, the PG BATTLE is scheduled to be held on October 19th.

We will be offering Sponsorship Programs and cash prizes again this year. Even if you don't place in the top ranks, you still have a chance to win a sponsor prize. We look forward to your participation.




There are many people in Japan who work hard and are highly skilled in programming. However, there is generally low apprecitation for programming job and little respect for programmers.
This event was established to discover programmers and programming skills at various levels, which we hope will help raise public awareness of truly high programming skills and improve the mindset of pseudo-programmers.



There are various opportunities for companies and schools to compete against each other in activities such as futsal, golf, chess, music and marathon relay. However, when it comes to programming, there are few opportunities to come under the spotlight.
There are many programmers who may not stand out but are highly skilled through their work and self-study. By inviting such people to participate in team competitions, we wish to provide a new venue for friendly competition and learning .

Until now, there have been few means of measuring one’s programming skills, and programmers have been unable to objectively judge their own skills. The "PG BATTLE", an easy-to-enter competition, allows programmers to learn about their own abilities in a ranking format and gain motivation to improve their skills.
It is also nice to watch the cool programming of other participants and have an eye-opening experience.

Team competitions are just fun. Through this event in which programmers of various skill levels and backgrounds participate, communication among programmers deepens and adds to the excitement.


Event Outline


Date October 19 (Sat), 2024 13:00–14:40, +0900 (JST) ※Be careful, it’s Japan time.
Place Event is held on the internet. You can join from anywhere like a seat of your company or school.
Application period July 8 (Mon)-October 17 (Thu),2024, +0900 (JST)
Entry Division

1) High school, Junior high school, Elementary school
2) University, Graduate school, Vocational school
3) Company

Application guidelines

One team is composed of 3 people.

Multiple teams can participate from one company or school. But one person cannot belong to multiple teams.

Contents of contest Write and submit programs for solving 4 problems in 90 min with using programming service platform "TOPSIC".
Please refer to here for TOPSIC. (You do not need to buy TOPSIC license)
Entry fee Free
Prize(Teams only

(1) Winning prize :
1st place: 240,000JPY, 2nd place: 120,000JPY, 3rd place: 60,000JPY
* Prepared for each division
* Amazon gift ticket
(2) Sponsor prize:
Not depend on rank. Randomly determined.

(3) Individual prize:
Individual prizes kindly donated by sponsors will be awarded

If a participant from a country other than Japan receives a prize, the winner will receive a Japanese Amazon gift certificate (e-mail type) equivalent to the value of each prize (in Japanese yen). Individual prizes will be awarded only to participants from Japan. For more details, please see the following page.

Result announcement

Result will be announced at the awards ceremony on October 26 (Sat), 2024 16:00-, +0900 (JST).

Awards ceremony is planned to be broadcasted on the Internet.

On the website, the contest results will be published as follows.
If you don't like to be identified by others, be careful of setting the team names and nicknames!

[Detail of Result Announcement]
- Teams Ranking by Division:
 Top 10: Company/School names, team names, scores and times
 11th or lower:Team names, scores and times.
- Individual Ranking by Division:
 Top 10: Nicknames, scores and times
 11th or lower : Scores and times.
- List of Participating Schools
* Prizes will be awarded to teams only.

Sponsor System Integrator Corp.
Co-sponsor AtCoder Inc.
Rank Compete with total score of 3 members (full score is 300). If the score is the same, the team which has shorter answer time will be the top. 
Display language You can take the exam in either Japanese or English. Remote participation from overseas is also possible (There were participants from various countries last year).
Programming language It supports mainstream programming languages such as Java, C #, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. You can take the exam in your best language.
Click here for available languages.
Member change,
Please contact us by email for cancellation and other inquiries.


[Entry Qualifications]

Any teams of three members from the same company or school can participate.

[Number of Participants]

A teams must consist of three members.
One company or school may have more than one team, but each member may belong to only one team.


Instead of working on one problem as a team, each of member of the team has a different set of four problems to work on their own, competing with other teams on the total score of the three members (100 points each, 300 points total).
There are three levels of problems: Marshmallow, Senbei and Katsuobushi. Each member of the team will work on one selected at the time of entry, completing all three levels as a team.
If two or more teams have the same total score, the one with a shortest total time to answer will be ranked higher.
The results will be announced at the award ceremony as well as PG BATTLE website in one week.

[Difficulty Levels]

There are three levels of difficulty: Marshmallow, Senbei and Katsuobushi. The difficulty increases in the order of Marshmallow, Senbei and Katsuobushi.


- The time limit is 90 minutes for four questions. Once the competition starts, the timer cannot be stopped untill the end.
We recommend that you read through "How to Use" on the screen after logging in, and try the "Practice Questions" beforehand to familiarize yourself with the system.


- If the processing time exceeds the specified value, it will be judged incorrect, so be careful not to time out with a "not-so-cool" algorithms.

*If a team is found to be cheating, they will be excluded from the results.


[Publication of Questions]

The PG BATTLE questions will be open to the public after the competition.
Please feel free to show model answers and explanations for the benefit of all participants.

[No Consultation]

While PG BATTLE is a team competition, it is also a competition based on individual skills. Therefore, just as in a chess team competition of chess, consultation and advice are not allowed, either within or outside of the team members. The questions are divided into three difficulty levels, making this event where each member can truly test their abilities. Fight fair and square, and show what you got!


[Search on the Internet or books]

You can search using books and the internet during the contest.


Marshmallow: You know those white fluffy stuff. They are soft and sweet.
Senbei: Japanese rice crackers. A little hard but you can still take it.
Katsuobushi: The hardest food in the world. It is basically dried fish, but so hard that you will need a sharp tool to make a scratch.


The "Corporate/School Programming Battle" (the "Event") Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") govern the relationship between System Integrator Corporation (the "Company") and the companies, schools, and individuals belonging to each (collectively, the "Applicants") who have applied for the Event.

1. Teams consisting of members affiliated with a company or school may apply for the Event. (Please note that individual applications are not accepted.)
2. Multiple teams from one company or school may apply. However, one applicant may not belong to more than one team.
3.The copyright of the source code submitted in the Event belongs to the Applicant. Entrants grant the Company the right to use or publish their submissions to help the Company run this event.
4. The disclaimer is as follows:
(1) The Company shall not be held liable for any problems that may arise between the Applicants and third parties at the Event.
(2) The Company shall not be held liable for any delay, change, discontinuance, or loss of information provided through the Event, or any other damages incurred in connection with the Event.
5. Information regarding the Applicants, including the name of the company or school, name of the person in charge, and e-mail address, will be used by the Company for communication regarding the Event and in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy (https://corporate.sint.co.jp/privacy-policy), and the Applicants and the person in charge of the application shall be deemed to have consented to such use.
(1) The personal information the Applicants provide will be used only for operations related to the management of the Event (a series of operations including preparation, implementation, tabulation, and analysis) jointly with the co-sponsors of the Event.
(2) The Company will not provide the Applicants’ personal information to any third party.
(3) The Company will not outsource the handling of personal information provided by the Applicants.
(4) The Applicants may make a request for disclosure of personal information at the [Personal Information Consultation Counter]. In such cases, the identity of the Applicant will be verified in a manner prescribed by the Company. As a result of the disclosure, the Applicant may request correction, deletion, use, or suspension of provision to a third party. However, this is not limited to cases where there is a justifiable reason for business management or when required by law and regulations.
(5) The Company may use cookies and other mechanisms to understand the preferences and browsing behavior of the Company’s website visitors. However, this information will be used for the purpose of improving the quality of the website and will not be used to identify individuals.
[Personal Information Consultation Counter] Email:  privacy@sint.co.jp
[Person in charge of protection of personal information (administrator manager)] TEL: (+81)-48-600-3880 / FAX: (+81)-48-600-3676
6. The Company may revise all or part of these Terms and Conditions at any time. In such cases, revisions shall take effect from the time they are posted on the Company's website.

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361 teams (1,083 participants)


378 teams (1,134 participants)


423 teams (1,269 participants)


459 teams (1,377 participants)


444 teams (1,332 participants)


260 teams (780 participants)

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