PG BATTLE is an inter-company / inter-school programming contest.


The way of the contest is writing and submitting four programs within 90 minutes which solving problems correctly. Each team consists of 3 members who belong to same company or same school.

1,377 participants from 459 teams joined last year. We will expand the scale this year and hold it on October 23rd. Attractive prizes are ready as well as the one of last year! We look forward to your entry.




There are many high skilled and hardworking programmers. But in general, the reputation for programming job is not so high and there was not much respect for programmers.

Through this event, we will find and show various levels of programmers and programming technology to the world. As a result, high-skilled programmers could be much more respected in contrast to low-quality or fake programmers.



There are competitions between companies and schools in various activities such as futsal, golf, chess and music. However, regarding programming, there are not so many opportunity to be praised.

There are many programmers who have high skills with their efforts even though not so much noticeable. When such people gather together and make a team battle, a new battlefield is created which motivate programmers to improve their skills.

Until now, there was little way to measure programming skills, so we couldn't objectively figure out what level we are. "PG BATTLE" provides an opportunity to know his/her abilities by relative ranking and it leads to motivation to improve skills. 
It is also nice to be stimulated by seeing cool programming codes of other participants.

We hope everybody enjoys this team competition. Through this event, please make communication with engineers and programmers across the fence of job category or specialization.
There are many awards this year and you may get some prize even if you are not at the high rank.


Event outline


Date October 23 (Sat), 2021 13:00–14:40, +0900 (JST) ※Be careful, it’s Japan time.
Place Event is held on the internet. You can join from anywhere like a seat of your company or school.
Application period July 7 (Wed)-October 20 (Wed),2021, +0900 (JST)
Entry section

1) High school, Junior high school, Elementary school
2) University, Graduate school, Vocational school
3) Company

Application guidelines

One team is composed of 3 people. Multiple teams can participate from one company or school. But one person cannot belong to multiple teams.
The result of contest (rank, team name, points, time) will be published for all teams. If you don't like to be identified by others, be careful of setting the team name!

Contents of contest Write and submit programs for solving 4 problems in 90 min with using programming service platform "TOPSIC".
Please refer to here for TOPSIC. (You do not need to buy TOPSIC license)
Entry fee Free

(1) Winning prize :
1st place: 240,000JPY, 2nd place: 120,000JPY, 3rd place: 60,000JPY
* Prepared for each section
* Amazon gift ticket
(2) Sponsor prize:
Not depend on rank. Randomly determined.

Result announcement Result announced at the awards ceremony on October 30 (Sat), 2021, +0900 (JST)
It will be also announced on the website.
* Awards ceremony is planned to be broadcasted on the Internet.
Sponsor System Integrator Corp.
Co-sponsor AtCoder Inc.
Rank Compete with total score of 3 members (full score is 300). If the score is the same, the team which has shorter answer time will be the top. 
Display language You can take the exam in either Japanese or English. Remote participation from overseas is also possible (There were participants from various countries last year).
Programming language It supports mainstream programming languages such as Java, C #, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. You can take the exam in your best language.
Click here for available languages.
Member change,
Please contact us by email for cancellation and other inquiries.


【Participation qualification】

Everyone is welcome. Entry should be done by a team of 3 members.  

【Number of participants】  
One team should consist of three people.  
Multiple teams can participate from one company or one school.
However, one participant can belong to only one team.  

【Ranking / Winning】  
Instead of tackling problems as a team, each member solves his/her own set of 4 problems. Finally, all the teams compete for the team's total points (100 points for each member, 300 points total) .
The sets of 4 problems are three different levels, "Marshmallow", "Senbei" and "Katsuobushi". He/she will challenge the level applied at the time of entry. 
If the total points are the same, the one which has shorter total answer time is considered the top.
The results will be public on this website and the representative who applied. 

【About the difficulty】
The team game is composed of three levels of set of problems, "Marshmallow", "Senbei" and "Katsuobushi", and the level of difficulty increases as you move from "Marshmallow", "Senbei", "Katsuobushi".

The time limit is 90 minutes for 4 problems. Once you started the main battle, you cannot stop the timer on the way.
It is recommended that you read through "How to use" and make yourself familiar with the system by solving the "Practice problems" before you challenge the contest.
If the processing time exceeds the specified value, it will be judged incorrect. So, please write down cool and fast programs.

※ We will exclude from the result when cheating is found.

【Publication of problem】
The problems of PG BATTLE 2021 will become publicly available after the contest.
We are happy if you show model answers for other participants and comment on each other.

Although it is a team game, advice between participants is prohibited because it is a serious individual challenge. For that purpose, the sets of problems are divided into "Marshmallow", "Senbei" and "Katsuobushi". Even in a group game of chess, advice is prohibited. Let's play seriously with the contest!! 


Marshmallow…Soft and Sweet as you know well. 
Senbei…Japanese rice cracker. A little hard for elderly. 
Katsuobushi…World's hardest food, very tough! you know? 


"Inter-company / Inter-school programming battle" (hereinafter called "the event") terms (hereinafter called "the terms") define relationship between Individuals belonging to System Integrator Corp. (hereinafter called "we"), companies and schools which applied with the event (hereinafter collectively referred to as "applicant") and us.

1. This event can be applied by a team consisting of members from companies or schools. (Please note that it cannot be applied individually.)
2. One company or school can apply for multiple teams. However, one applicant cannot belong to more than one team.
3. The copyright of the source code submitted through this event belongs to the applicant. Applicants shall be granted the right to use or release those submissions to us for raising value of the event.
4. As a disclaimer below
(1) We shall not be liable for any troubles that arise between the applicant and the third party at this event.
(2) We will not be liable for any delay, change, cancellation, loss of information etc. provided through this event or any other damage caused in connection with this event.
5. Information about the applicant, such as company name or school name, contact person's name, e-mail address, etc., are used for contact related to this event and other use based on privacy policy defined by our company ( The applicants and the person in charge of the applicants are regarded to agree to the contents according to the terms and conditions.
(1) The personal information provided will only be used for operations related to the operation of this event (series of operations such as preparation, implementation, result aggregation and analysis) by us and co-sponsored company.
(2) We will not provide the personal information provided to third parties.
(3) We will not outsource the handling of personal information provided.
(4) Requests for disclosure of personal information can be made at the [Personal Information Consultation Center] at the request of the applicant. In that case, identity verification etc. will be performed by the method prescribed by our company. Furthermore, as a result of disclosure, correction, deletion, use and suspension of provision to third parties can be requested. However, this is not the case if there is a justifiable reason for business management and if there is a provision of laws and regulations.
(5) Depending on the mechanism such as Cookie, there is a case to grasp the preference of the accessor and browsing behavior etc., but this information is intended to be used to improve the quality of the website, etc., and is not used to identify the individual.
≪Personal information consultation counter≫
«Person in charge of protection of personal information (administrator manager)» TEL: (+81)-48-600-3880 / FAX: (+81)-48-600-3676
6. We may revise all or part of the Terms from time to time. In this case, the effect of the revision shall occur at the time of posting on our website.

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Past contests


459 teams (1,377 participants)


444 teams (1,332 participants)


260 teams (780 participants)

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